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Fresh Chicken Fillet, Skin On, £6.00 kg

Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters, oyster cut and skin on, £5.00 kg

Fresh Rind on Pork Loin Chops, English, £4.95 kg

Fresh Premium Topside Beef, £13.50 kg

Fresh Pork Shoulder, boned and rolled, £6.50 kg

Fresh English Barnsley Chops £12.50 kg

Fresh English Lamb Boneless Rump Steaks, £13.50 kg

Fresh English Lamb Leg, on the bone, £13.50 kg

Fresh English Lamb Shoulder, on the bone, £12.50 kg

Prime Sirloin Steak, English, cut to size, £21.99 kg

Prime Rump Steak, English, cut to size, £15.50 kg

Fresh Welfare Assured Suffolk Chicken £5.50 kg

Fresh English Dry Cure Rind On Back Bacon £11.50 kg

Fresh English Dry Cure Rind On Smoked Back Bacon £12.20 kg

Belly Pork £6.50 kg

95% lean Fresh Beef Mince £11.00 kg

Diced Beef Chuck Steak £13.00 kg


Fresh Free Range Eggs (Large) £1.80 Half Dozen / £3.50 Dozen

Vintage Somerset Cheddar £4.50 pack

Award Winning Snowdonia Cheese Range, £4.50 Each or 3 for £12.00 (200 g truckles)

Locally Produced Sussex Charmer Cheese, £4.50 each (200 g cubes)

Locally Produced Southdown Butter, Slightly Salted, £3.50 each (200g rolls)

Local Milk, Pasteurised Non Homogenised, 2 litre £2.30

                                                                                1 litre £1.30

( available in whole, semi or skimmed)

Fruit/Veg/Salad boxes

Standard £20.00 each

Large £28.00 each


Split Tin Loaves White/Wholemeal Large £3.50 Each

                                                                  Small £2.50 Each

Large Floured Rolls White/Wholemeal £0.60 Each

Large Multi-seed Rolls £0.80 Each

Traditional Sourdough white/wholemeal/seeded. Large £4.00 Each

                                                                                           Small £3.00 Each

All Prices are Subject to Change.

Further products will be added as the business grows.