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Fresh Chicken Fillet, Skin On, £8.25 kg

Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters, oyster cut and skin on, £7.15 kg

Fresh Chicken Thighs, Pack of 10, £8.80 pack

Fresh Chicken Drumsticks, Pack of 10, £5.50 pack

Fresh Chicken Wings, Pack of 10, £2.75 pack

Chicken Stock Bones £2.50 bag

Fresh Pork Loin Joints, Boned and Rolled, £7.15 kg

Boneless Gammon Joints £8.25 kg

Fresh Rind on Pork Loin Chops, English, £5.50 kg

Fresh Premium Topside Beef, £13.50 kg

Fresh Premium Silverside Beef £12.50 kg – Not Available

Fresh Pork Shoulder, boned and rolled, £7.15 kg – Not Available

Fresh English Barnsley Chops £13.75 kg

Fresh English Lamb Boneless Rump Steaks, £14.85 kg

Fresh English Lamb Leg, on the bone, £14.85 kg

Fresh English Lamb Shoulder, on the bone, £13.75 kg

Prime Fillet Steak, Cut to 6oz £7.00 each

Prime Rump Steak, English, cut to 8oz £4.00 each

Mature Sirloin Steaks, cut to 8oz, 6.00 each

Fresh Welfare Assured Suffolk Chicken £6.05 kg

Fresh English Dry Cure Rind on Back Bacon £12.65 kg

Fresh English Dry Cure Rind on Smoked Back Bacon £13.50 kg

Belly Pork £7.15 kg

Fresh English Lambs Liver, Sliced, £8.70 kg

95% lean Fresh Beef Mince £11.00 kg

Diced Braising Beef £13.00 kg

Braising Steaks £13.00 kg

Barbary Duck Breasts £3.75 each

Pork Tenderloin £7.15 each

Steak and Kidney Pies £1.65 Each

Chicken and Ham Pies £2.10 Each

Jumbo Sausage Rolls £1.65 Each

Pasties £1.65 Each


Fresh Free-Range Eggs (Large) £2.00 Half Dozen / £3.90 dozen

Fresh Free-Range Eggs (Extra Large) £2.20 Half Dozen / 4.30 dozen

Vintage Somerset Cheddar £4.75 pack

Award Winning Snowdonia Cheese Range, £4.60 Each (200 g truckles)

Locally Produced Pevensey Blue Cheese £7.00 Wedge Not Available

Locally Produced Sussex Charmer Cheese, £4.60 each (200 g cubes)

Locally Produced Southdown Butter, Slightly Salted, £3.60 each (200g rolls)

Local Milk, Pasteurised Non-Homogenised, 2 litre £2.60

1 litre £1.40

(Available in whole, semi or skimmed)

Alpro Unsweetened Soya Milk £1.80 1Litre

Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk £1.80 Litre


 Weekly Veg Box £15.00                           

Potatoes (King Ed/ Maris/ Desiree) 1.00/1.00/0.90 kg

Maris Piper Potatoes 20kg Sack £18.00 each

Leafy Carrots 1.65 bunch

Carrots 1.35 kg

Savoy Cabbage 1.45 each

Hispe Cabbage 1.65 each

Broccoli 3.50 kg

Tender stem Broccoli 3.85 pack

Cauli 1.45 each

Onions 0.70 kg

Red Onions 1.55 kg

Mixed Peppers 2.95 pack

Mushrooms Flat 0.75 each

Button Mushrooms 4.75 kg

Chestnut Mushrooms 6.20 kg

Cos Lettuce 1.80 each

Vine Toms 4.60 kg

Cherry Vine Toms 7.50kg

Cucumbers 1.35 each

Spring Onions 0.85 bunch

Cooked Beetroot 0.95 pack

Bunch Beetroot 2.00 bunch

Parsnips 1.60 kg

Baking Potatoes 0.80 each

Leeks 2.80 kg

Courgettes 4.95 kg

Squash 1.65 each

Aubergine 4.55 kg

Sweet Potato 2.30 kg

Sweetcorn Cobs 2.25 pack

Little Gem Lettuce 1.65 pack

Mixed Baby Leaf 2.00 pack

Spinach 1.85 pack

Salad Rocket 2.00 pack

Celery 1.65 each

Baby Salad Potatoes 2.45 bag

Swede 1.35 each

Turnips 2.25 kg

Spring Greens 1.65 each – Not Available

Celeriac £2.50 each

Garlic Bulb 0.60 each

Rainbow Chard £1.65 bunch

New Season Asparagus £3.50 bunch


Medium Oranges 0.55 each

Large Oranges 0.65 each

Russet Apples 3.85 kg

Pink Lady Apples 6.05 kg

Bramley Apples 2.55 kg

Red Fleshed Kissabel Apples 2.20 kg

White Seedless Grapes 6.70 kg

Red Seedless Grapes 6.10 kg

Banana 1.90 kg

Conference Pears £1.25kg

Pineapple 2.75 each

Braeburn Apples 2.55 kg

Blueberries 2.75 punnet

Strawberries 4.95 punnet

Honeydew Melons 2.75 each

Cantaloup 3.10 each

Kiwi .50 each

Passionfruit 0.60 each

Peach 0.80 each

Custard Apples 1.55 each

Avocado 1.55 each

Nardocotts 0.55 each


Split Tin Loaves White/Wholemeal Large £3.70 Each

Small £2.70 Each

Large Floured Rolls White/Wholemeal £0.65 Each

Large Multi-seed Rolls £0.85 Each

Traditional Sourdough white/wholemeal/seeded. Large £4.20 Each

Small £3.20 Each

All Butter Croissant £1.10 Each

Large Almond Croissant £1.95 Each


Heinz Soup,

 Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Chicken

Cream of Tomato

400g cans £1 each

Heinz Baked Beans 400g cans £0.99 each

Chopped Tomatoes 400g cans £0.80 each

Yorkshire Tea t-bags 40s £1.49 box

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 95g jar £3.49 each

McDougall’s Flour, Plain or Self Raising, 500g bag £1.15 each

Dolmio Pasta Sauce 500g jar £1.89 each

Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing 170g box £1.59 each

Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar 500g bag £0.85 each

McVities Digestive Biscuits, 400g packs, £1.49 each

McVities Rich Tea Biscuits, 400g packs, £1.49 each

Long Grain Rice, 500g pack, £0.89 each

Penne Pasta, 500g pack, 0.99 each

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, 500g box, £3.29 box

Weetabix, 24 pack, £3.19 box

All Prices are Subject to Change.

Further products will be added as the business grows.